Eternal Sunday School

The Eternal Sunday School
Written by Tom Winter
Published by Lifeway Christian Resources

The Sunday School described as eternal makes you think about the significance of the Sunday School program of our church. How is Sunday School eternal? Eternal means forever.

The Sunday School is eternal because . . .
  • The body of Christ is eternal.
  • The living Word of Jesus Christ is eternal.
  • The Word of God is eternal (1 Pet. 1:22-25).
The Body of Christ is Eternal
Jesus Christ died for people - not programs, not political parties, not denominations, not ideas or philosophies, not the New York Stock Exchange. Sunday School is about people. People are the ones who share the good news of Jesus. For example:
  • You can be born again (John 3). - Jesus made salvation possible.
  • In Christ, we are all new creations (2 Cor. 5:17). - The Lord gave this promise.
  • Believers will avoid hell (Matt. 23:33). - God honors His pledge.
Those who have been born again, those who are Christians, those who have been saved from their sins and have made Jesus Christ Lord of their lives are the only ones who can tell the unchurched where to find a loving church that cares about them. The Sunday School is made of people who can tell a spiritually hungry soul how to find spiritual food.

The Living Word, Jesus Christ, is Eternal
The Sunday School, as the church in action, has one primary purpose: to do all it can to bring people to the point in their lives where they must make a decision either for or against God’s salvation through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the business of the Sunday School. The living Word is the reason for the Sunday School.

The Word of God is Eternal
The Bible is the written Word of God. It is a record of the covenants and promises between God and people. The written Word of God is not a history book, but it does show us all we need to know from the beginning, in Genesis, to the end, in Revelation.

The written Word tells about the living Word, our redemption. The footprints of God can be traced from the creation of Adam to the coming of the new Jerusalem. The Bible is the handbook of the church. It is the point of reference for the Sunday School.

The Sunday School uses the written Word of God to bring the living Word of God into lives of the lost. As Christian Sunday School members apply the Word of God to your lives, as you pray and read the written Word, as you allow God to lead you and use you, unsaved Sunday School members in the class will have a much better chance of receiving Christ as Savior.

Because the Sunday School is ministry, because the Sunday School is evangelism, because the Sunday School is discipleship, because the Sunday School is applying the written Word of God to life, because the Sunday School is an excellent tool for fulfilling Christ’s command to go and make disciples, because the Sunday School exists for and because of the living Word, Sunday School is eternal!